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Over 300,000+ Pads Sold

Here They Are....

8-Track Revitalizers™

Temporarily, a limit of 50 Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers - Foam Pads per order

We've been holding off as long as we could but the cost of supplies has gone up so dramatically on what we use to make that foam pads, that we're going to have to raise prices to compensate. Thanks for your understanding!

Yuck!!From this...... Yes!!To this!!

These pads are made of the highest quality foam, and come COMPLETE WITH THE PLASTIC BACKING!! That's right! You no longer have to scrape the gummy old crud off of your backing plastic.

These pads are made by hand not a machine. Although we use special tooling to make the pads a consistent size, you may find that some are not always exactly the same. Some may have minor imperfections. Over 200,000 of these pads of been sold! Just drop them in and GO!

The Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ also include the clear plastic that originally came on the TOP of the foam. Using foam without the clear plastic can cause the graphite on the back of the tape to come off which can cause your tape to sound inferior.

And the price?

$5.99 per 10, $13.99 per 25 or $25.99 per 50 of the Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ + s/h. For this price you get:

Here at the Track Shack we use Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ on all of our personal tapes, and any tapes that we repair for our customers. We will only ACCEPT THE BEST! Shouldn't you? Don't be fooled by the other pads you may see out there for sale. Ours don't have to be cut, the back peeled off to put onto the old backings. Nothing to clean off. Just drop them in and you're back in business!


Your pads before Is This YOUR Pads? And after...Nirvana!!The Ultimate!! Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers!

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