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If you buy them as they are, without any tapes, they will have to be shipped Priority or Parcel Post (or Standard, which I think is about the same thing). If you buy tapes as well, then we can ship both media mail.

*These will be shipped standard post which is a little more expensive than media rate. You can however, purchase some tapes from us and have us ship the case and tapes together via media mail.

The pics of the cases below are just to give you an idea of what we have. We may not have the exact case you see in the pics but it will be similar.

Just got in some really cool cases recently.


savoy casecase1 frontcase2 opencase2 side

case20 frontcase20 opencase20 open both ends

Savoy is a vinyl case and will hold 24 of your favorite tapes! $18 + S/H. The very unusual case beside the Savoy case holds 24 of your favorite tapes! It is a plastic case. $20 + S/H. The one above is vinyl and holds 20 of your favorite tapes. $20 + S/H.

cases rca


case 3


These are some cool little cases! They don't have the slots for the tapes like most tape cases do. These are great for keeping in your car for the local car shows or taking to the beach, etc. These are $12 ea. + S/H*

These are some pretty nice cases! They may some minor wear to them, but in nice shape! $18 + S/H.

XX-Large Cases - Holds 36 Tapes      $25.00 + S/H* Sold out at the moment

X-Large Cases - Holds 30 Tapes      $20.00 + S/H*  Sold out at the moment


Large Cases - Holds 24 Tapes        $15.00 + S/H*


Med Large Cases - Holds 20 Tapes (10 on ea. )  $12.00 + S/H*


Med Cases - Holds 15 Tapes $10.00 + S/H*

Small Cases - Holds 12 Tapes          $8.00 + S/H*


Small Cases - Holds 10 Tapes          $6.00 + S/H*

Plastic Box - Holds 12 Tapes          $8.00 + S/H*






CARA18 Holds 18 Tapes - $20.00 + S/H * Sold

CARB24 Holds 24 Tapes - $18.00 + S/H *

CARC32 Holds 32 Tapes- 25.00 +

CARD36 Holds 36 Tapes - $30.00 + S/H *Sold

CARE24 Holds 24 Tapes - $18.00 + S/H *


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