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Sensing Foil

Sensing foil strips - For those that don't need a whole roll of sensing foil, we're offering strips of sensing foil. Each strip has 18 metallic splices that are 3/16" wide (5/8"-3/4" in length). Three strips will fix 50 + tapes. - $1.99 + S/H or six strips will fix 100+ tapes. - $3.75 + S/H

sensing strips


new sign10' of sensing 1/4" metallic sensing foil! If you don't have a lot of tapes, this might work better for you. It will still do a lot of tapes, but just not as many as the 50' rolls. - $4.99 + S/H

50' of sensing foil! This will fix a lot of tapes!!! - $9.99 + S/H

We have 1/4" and 3/16" rolls available. Just let us know which one you prefer.

sensing foil10 ft roll sensing foil

Splicing Tape (non-metallic)

new logoSplicing tape tabs - These are new old stock. There are 10 splices per strip and 5 strips ea. or 50 splices. - $2.99 + S/H

splicing strips

new logo10' rolls of green splicing tape - $4.99 + S/H

green splicing tape

We have 50' rolls of yellow splicing tape - $6.99 + S/H

yellow splicing tape

80' rolls of blue 1/4" ATR Pro Archive/Studio Splicing Tape - $8.99 + S/H

blue splice tape

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