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Plastic Replacement Rollers

These work great for the rubber rollers that tend to melt down!**- $1.50 ea. + S/H

plastic rollers

LearJets seem to be the worst at melting! Ugh..... what a mess. Here are a few photos to show you what we mean!


meltdown 1 meltdown 2 meltdown 3

meltdown 4

If you send melt-downs to us for repair, please, please, put them in a separate plastic baggy(s) so they don't get that nasty goo all over your other tapes or onto the tape itself.

**These don't work to replace all rubber rollers. Rubber rollers can vary in size from one cart to another; some are smaller, some are bigger. The only rubber rollers that you really need to worry about having issues with are from the old Ampex and Learjet carts from the 60's. Those rubber rollers tended to melt. Some have hardened and some not (see pics above!)

These are used rollers and some may have a little bit of the old graphite or staining from the graphite. They will work just fine!


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