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Accessories For Sale

Here at Kate's Track Shack we want to provide you with the TOTAL 8-track experience. As a result, we have built up our collection of 8-track accessories to the point that it is time to offer them for sale! If there is something 8-track related, we will scour the world to find it. If you see a 8-track related item/accessory that we don't have and you want, let us know and we'll try to get it for you!

Remember, you have not experienced 8-tracks until you have a cool "leatherette" case of them sitting in your front seat, or an 8-track carousel sitting on your desk at work (I have one!). Check it all out below!!!

sunWe have a new item for your collectible 8-tracks (and even those that might not be)! Plastic protective sleeves. These ship flat and have a plastic, removable film to keep them safe until you put your tapes into them. They are $1.50 ea.

pumpkin line

pumpkin line

pumpkin line

8-Track Adapter/Converters -

We have some cool 8-track converters that you can use to play your music from your ipod, phone, etc. Very cool!!!

We have 3 to choose from - 3.5mm adapter/converter, lightning cable and introducing the adapter for the Playtape (pic coming soon)! We also have an adapter for the 4-track (pic coming soon).

New 8-Track ConverterNew 8-Track Converter

Playtape Adapter

These are hand made so colors may very. Shells with minimal wear are used but may have minor blemishes. Every player is different so run it through the channels until you get the best sound from your adapter. - $40 + S/H for mini plug, $45 + S/H for the Playtape adapter and $50 for the lightning cable adapter + S/H.


Extra Large Cases - Hold 40 Tapes $20.00 + S/H*
Extra Large Cases - Hold 30 Tapes $18.00 + S/H*
Large Cases - Holds 24 Tapes
        $15.00 + S/H*
Large Cases - Holds 20 Tapes  (10 on ea. end)  $10.00 + S/H*
Med Cases - Holds 15 Tapes         $6.50 + S/H* 
Small Cases - Holds 12 Tapes          $5.00 + S/H*
Small Cases - Holds 10 Tapes          $5.00 + S/H*
Plastic Holders - Holds 12 Tapes
$5.00 + S/H*

The exact cases/carousels shown above and below are just to give you an idea of the style of cases. We may not have these exact ones, but will find you one that is very close. These sell pretty quickly. Check with us on availability.


Check with us to see what we might have. The pics on the page are just examples of what there are.

*These will be shipped standard post/ground retail which is a little more expensive than media rate. You can however, purchase some tapes from us and have us ship the case and tapes together via media mail.

Plastic End Covers: - These are those little plastic covers that fit over the end of your tape to help protect it. Because of the scarcity and the higher cost we have to pay to get them, we've had to increase the price. We are working on finding a mfg. to make these a little bit cheaper. When that happens, we'll lower the cost again. Thanks for your understanding! - $1.00ea. + S/H - Check availability - they go fast! SALE $.75 ea.

Cardboard Sleeves: - Cardboard sleeve to help protect your tapes. We have produced new sleeves. We will continue to try and come up with different styles, but check out what we have. Prices vary according to which sleeves you choose.

Plain White sleeves - These are new sleeves with locking tabs 0 $.75 ea. + S/H

Custom Sleeves - These are new sleeves with a tuck flap and will need to be glued - $1.00 ea. + S/H

Commercially printed sleeves - like Ampex, Capital, Columbia, etc. are $.75 ea. + S/H - Check availability - they go fast!

Quad Sleeves: If we have them are 1.00 ea. + S/H - Check availability - they go faster!

Power Cords for Portable 8-Track Players: These fit most portable 8-track players. If you can send a pic of your players power outlet so we can make sure we have one that will work with your player. $15.99 and up + S/H - 9V adapters are $19.99 + S/H Thanks!

Head Cleaners:

We get head cleaners in all of the time. We will choose from whatever we have available. - $4.00 ea.* + S/H

Sealed Tape Head Cleaning Cartridge - Rarely do you find a factory sealed head cleaners. If we have any, we will choose from whatever we have available - starting at $9.99 ea. + S/H.

*Used head cleaners/demagnetizers are not tested and not guaranteed. Some may need new pads, which we will replace at the standard rate of tune-up ($2.50 ea.) if you want.


These adapters allow you to play cassettes in your 8-track player. We get these in from time to time so what we show below may not be what we have on hand when you place your order. Occasionally, we buy an adapter only to find it doesn't work. It probably wouldn't take much to get it working again if you are mechanically inclined. Email for availability and price. *These do not carry a warranty. They are sold As-Is.

sparkomatic adapter2

Sparkomatic Adapter

kraco adapter

Kraco Adapter

8-Track License Plate Frame:

What every true 8-tracker needs - an 8-track license plate frame. It says "THIS CAR STILL PLAYS 8-TRACK TAPES!" Our oldest daughter has one on her '76 AMC Pacer! - $6.99 + S/H (These make great gifts!)

8-track Licese Plate Frame


We do have a few portable players as well as some car players. Email us is you see one you're interested in and we'll get you more details and pricing. Some of this units come with electrical cords and some do not, but we have a few for sale if it needs one. To See the players that are available click here.

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