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Lear Jet
"Flat Packs"

Below is an example of a very early 8-track that I call "flat packs" (I borrowed the term.. Thanks Bgaswoodie!).

I believe that this style of cart was used only from the mid-sixties until around 1970. At least I have never seen any music recorded on them from after that period.  These early carts have more complicated internal mechanisms, are a royal pain to open, and ALL of them that I have seen have suffered from "8-track tar", or melted rollers.

Since I am most interested in the very early days of 8-tracks, I collect these. Unfortunately, most of the music found on them is middle of the road "Roger Williams" style stuff. The cart pictured below is a rare example. You will notice that the end label is different then the top label. Guess it was a bad day at MGM! (Thanks to John Winnard for this cart!)

If you have any that you do not want, please let me know at sales@katestrackshack.com, as I collect them all, no matter the condition!


flatpack front

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