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Portable/Component/Recorder Players

We are trying to give you the whole 8-track experience here at Kate's Track Shack! So if you're looking for a player, we're here to help you out!

We bought a great collection of players from our friend Dan Jobin. Dan has worked with players since he as a young lad in California. He's done a lot of player repair work for us in the past. He is about to be a new daddy and will be focusing his time with his family! Be watching for more players to come up for sale in the near future. Some of these are very unusual and hard to find players. We always acquiring players. If you don't see what you're looking for on the list let us know we may have what you're looking for.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the players we are putting up have been refurbished and are priced accordingly. We will offer a 30 day warranty on all players.* If you have a problem with your player after you receive it, please let us know so we can send you a RA form to send back with the player.

We are not responsible for tape jams/failures. If you're buying a player, you need to make sure that your tapes have been tuned-up first (new metallic splice/pad) before playing them in your player. We sell all of the repair supplies you might need to do it yourself or we offer this service as well.

Also, not all the players are going to look pristine and beautiful, but they all will be playable (again, unless otherwise stated). We'll try to clean them up and make them as beautiful as possible. But, unless the guy I spoke with last year has got his patent, I don't think they're making 8-track players anymore.

Some may show reflections of me taking pics! Also, the white paper you see on the players is for our identification and won't be on the player when it ships. Lighting may make some players look a different shade of color than they actually are.

When we figure s/h for the players, your total will include insurance for the the cost of the player. Most Priority packages come with free $50 insurance but anything over that will require the additional insurance.

If you are paying with PayPal, please make sure that the address you have on file with them is the correct address. If you've moved and haven't changed it or haven't given us your correct address, your package could be delayed. If it is sent back to us because of an incorrect address, there will be a charge for the return shipping from the post office as well as the original shipping costs.

Here's what we have right now:

GE-3-5507B - Portable 8-Track Player w/AM/FM Radio -

GE 3-5507B Portable AM/FM Front

GE 3-5507B Portable AM/FM Top

GE 3-5507B Portable AM/FM Back

GE 3-5507B Portable AM/FM Back

GE 3-5507B Portable AM/FM Side

GE's are some of the best portables. Antenna in tact. Some corrosion in battery compartment. Area above where the ac cable goes is cracked. Channel 2 light is out. Automatic track change mechanism. $90 + S/H*

GE 3-5505C Portable 8-Track Player w/AM/FM - Garage

GE35507C_Garage Front

GE35507C_Garage Top

GE35507C_Garage Back

GE35507C_Garage Battery

This is a great player for the garage! Already dirty! No antenna or carrying strap. Battery compartment is not corroded. Does come with a built in power cable. Has Auto Advance feature as well as the earphone jack. $85 + S/H*

GE 3-5507B Portable 8-Track Player w/AM/FM - Garage

GE35507BGarage Front

GE35507BGarage Top

GE35507BGarage Back

GE35507BGarage Battery

This is a great player for the garage! Already dirty! No antenna or carrying strap. Battery compartment does have some corrosion. Does come with a built in power cable. Has Auto Advance feature as well as the earphone jack. $85 + S/H*

Electrophonic TRD-118 Player/Recorder -

Electrophonic TRD-118 Front

Electrophonic TRD-118 Top

Electrophonic TRD-118 Back

Electrophonic TRD-118 Bottom

Customer trade-in that additional work was done to. Basic machine that plays and records well. All cables included... plug & play! $125 + S/H*

Nikka RP-1000 8-Track Player/Recorder -

Nikka RP-1000 Front

Nikka RP-1000 Top

Nikka RP-1000 Back

Very early model. Plays and records very well. Minor veneer damage. $110 + S/H*

Panasonic RE-8030 AM/FM 8-Track Deck -

Panasonic RE-8030 Front

Panasonic RE-8030 Top


Panasonic RE-8030 Bottom

Plays nicely. Minor cosmetic wear and one of the knobs has lost it's shine. Also missing one of the chrome caps on the end. $75 + S/H*

Sanyo Stereo/Quad Component Deck -

Sanyo 2/4 component front

Sanyo 24 Top

Sanyo 2/4 component  Back

Sanyo 2/4 component  Bottom

Woodgrain is a little tired but it shines up with some armor-all!!! Note: Sanyo designed this deck so that while playing stereo tapes, there is no output from rear channels. The rear channels are quad only. $100 + S/H*

Electrophonic T-110 8-Track Component Deck -

Electrophonic T-110 Front

Electrophonic T110 Top

Electrophonic Back

Electrophonic T110 Bottom

Plays great! In very good shape with very minor cosmetic damage. All cables included... plug & play $95 + S/H

Realistic 14-935 8-Track Component Deck -

Realistic 14-935 Front

Realistic 14-935 Top

Realistic 14-935 Back

Realistic 14-935 Bottom

Plays great! Minor cosmetic damage. $85 + S/H*

RCA 5 Tape Player -

RCA 5 Tape Front

RCA 5 Tape Top

RCA 5 Tape tray

RCA 5 Tape Back


RCA 5 Tape damaged veneer

This is a cool 5 tape cartridge player! Plays great but does have a few cosmetic issues but don't affect the playability of the machine. There is a crack in the track cover, a small crack in the front of the player and a bit of damage on the side veneer. $250 + S/H*

Lloyds AM/FM 8-Track Receiver -

Lloyds reciever front

Lloyds reciever  top

Lloyds reciever back

Customer trade in. All neccessary repairs made to it and it plays great! $150+ S/H*

York 8-Track/Clock Radio -

York Clock Radio front

York Clock Radio Top

York Clock Radio Back

York Clock Radio Bottom

This is an okay player. Cosmetically in pretty nice shape. Has the fake wood grain. $75 + S/H*

The players can be shipped parcel post or priority. The smaller players can probably fit in a medium or large flat rate box, and may be a little cheaper than standard/parcel post. We'll give you the cheapest rate.

Please see our Return & Refund policy page if you have any questions about our warranty.

Any other questions/comments, please feel free to email us.


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