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Portable/Component Players

We are trying to give you the whole 8-track experience here at Kate's Track Shack! So if you're looking for a player, we're here to help you out!

We just bought a great collection of players from our friend Dan Jobin. Dan has worked with players since he as a young lad in California. He's done a lot of player repair work for us in the past. He is about to be a new daddy and will be focusing his time with his family! Be watching for more players to come up for sale in the near future. Some of these are very unusual and hard to find players.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the players we are putting up have been refurbished and are priced accordingly. We will offer a 30 day warranty on all players.* If you have a problem with your player after you receive it, please let us know so we can send you a RA form to send back with the player.

We are not responsible for tape jams/failures. If you're buying a player, you need to make sure that your tapes have been tuned-up first (new metallic splice/pad) before playing them in your player. We sell all of the repair supplies you might need to do it yourself or we offer this service as well.

Also, not all the players are going to look pristine and beautiful, but they all will be playable (again, unless otherwise stated). We'll try to clean them up and make them as beautiful as possible. But, unless the guy I spoke with last year has got his patent, I don't think they're making 8-track players anymore.

You can click on any of the photos to see enlarged photos of the players. I'm not a great photographer, so please don't judge! ;) Some may show reflections of me taking pics! Also, the white paper you see on the players is for our identification and won't be on the player when it ships.

When we figure s/h for the players, your total will include insurance for the the cost of the player. Most Priority packages come with free $50 insurance but anything over that will require the additional insurance.

Here's what we have right now:

2XL Robot -

2XL Robot Eyes On 2XL Robot Eye Off2XL Robot Back

Complete w/General Information Tape. Plays regular 8 tracks as well. Track changer works differently than regular 8 track player - one button per program. Monophonic. Power supply not included. 12 volts DC, does not use batteries. $40 + S/H*

GE Power Sound 8-Track Portable Player -

GE Power Sound Portable FrontGE Power Sound Portable BackGE Power Sound Portable Side



Been around - scratches & wear. This has the Sing-A-Long PA microphone (no microphone) jack and an earphone jack as well. New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned. Some corrosion in the battery compartment. May have difficulty playing with batteries. Comes with a power cord. Sounds good, looks ok! $60 + S/H*

Panasonic RS-804US Component Player -

Panasonic RS804US Front

PanasonicRS804US Back

PanasonicRS804US Bottom

This little unit has an eject feature, which is pretty cool. Complete with cables - plug & play! New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned and play tested. $75 + S/H* SOLD

Sony Player/Recorder -

Sony Recorder Front


Sony Recorder Back

Sony Recorder Top

Sony Recorder Bottom

Nice recorder. Has a few minor blemishes, mainly on the top. New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned and play tested. $100 + S/H* SOLD

Panasonic RS 807 Component Deck -

Pioneer RS807 Front

Panasonic RS807 Top

Panasonic RS807 Back

Nice component deck. Has a continuous play buttom! Has a little tape run thing that looks cool! Operating Instructions. Plays and sounds great! New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned and reinforced. $65 + S/H* SOLD

Electrophonic Model 487 Quad Player -

electrophonic quad front

electrophonic quad back

Plays good. Minor cosmetic wear on the front. Cool radar screen balance. Replaced the belt, cleaned/lubricated , aligned the head and play tested. Note: this sounds fine, but it is not a high end unit like a Marantz or Pioneer. $65 + S/H*

Lloyds 8 Track Player -

Lloyds 8-track player frontLloyds 8-track player back

This unit has a built-in amp - just add speakers. Has a new belt, cleaned contacts, aligned head. Minor cosmetic wear. Sounds good! $60 + S/H*

JC Penny Model 680-3740 8-Track AM/FM Stereo/Electronic Calendar -


- JC Penny Clock Radio FrontJC Penny Clock Radio TopJC Penny Clock Radio Back

Cool player! New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned and play tested. Some minor cosmetic issues. Left channel is a little weak. $60 + S/H*

Motorola FH-275 Discrete 4 Channel Deck -

Motorola FH-275 Front

Motorola FH-275 Back

Motorola FH-275  Grid

New belt, contacts cleaned and head aligned and play tested. This has the cool lighted balance grid! Like playing electronic Battleship! Minor cosmetic wear. This player is big and heavy! - $60 + S/H*

Comm Supertone Stereo Flush Mount Balanced Speakers -

Supertone Speakers FrontSupertone Stereo Speakers

Two new in box 5 1/2" grille flush mount balanced speakers. 3 oz magnet Model No. CP. 8 OHM. Complet with wire and hardware. For Home*Car*Boat*Trailer. $10 + S/H*

ac power cord for portable players
We have AC plugs for sale for portable players. These should work on most all portable players. Check the picture of the cord to make sure that your portable accepts this type of plug.* $4.99 ea. + S/H

*Sometimes you have to wiggle the plug just a little in the player.

The players can be shipped parcel post or priority. The smaller players can probably fit in a medium or large flat rate box, and may be a little cheaper than standard/parcel post. We'll give you the cheapest rate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

*Warranty will be void if the player is opened after we've shipped it out. Not responsible for tape jams/failures.

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