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Car Players

Here are a few car players for you to check out. Description of player is below the picture of the unit.

We just bought a great collection of players from our friend Dan Jobin. Dan has worked with players since he as a young lad in California. He's done a lot of player repair work for us in the past. He is about to be a new daddy and will be focusing his time with his family! Be watching for more players to come up for sale in the near future. Some of these are very unusual and hard to find players.

Muntz Model 686825 4 Track Auto Player -

Muntz 4Track Car Player Front


Muntz 4 Track Car Player Back

NOS, but box heavily worn - player shelf worn. Took the player out of box and did the following - New belt, cleaned contacts, aligned the head, replaced the pinch roller. The brackets are there, but nuts & bolts are missing. $75 + S/H*

Motorola Model TM920S Under Dash Quad Player -

Ross Mini Under Dash Back

Serial# 0020! Documented on 8-Track Heaven many years ago. From the Dan Jobin collection. Plays great. Missing bracket. Damage to the face at the volume control. You will have to make plugs for the wires coming out of the machine. Easy to do. Have fun with it! Wiring marked. $50 + S/H.

Sapphire Playtape II Under Dash for Volkswagen -

Sport SS190 Under Dash Front

Sport SS190 Under Dash Back

sapphire playtape ii warranty card

This is a very hard to find Sapphire Playtape II for Volkswagen. It is in very nice shape and plays well! This player does not play regular 8-track tapes, but the small play tapes. This system was made for Volkswagen. If you have a vintage Volkswagen, this little puppy is for you! $175 + S/H.

Electro * Brand Under Dash Unit Model EB6412 -

Electro Brand EB6412 Front

Electro Brand EB6412 Back

Good, inexpensive player. Amp is as from the factory - not very strong. Would work best if plugged into a power amp. Has mounting bracket. Wiring diagram on the back - blue - power positive, black - ground and speakers negative , green - right channel positive and gray left channel positive. $25 + S/H.

*The players can be shipped parcel post or priority. The smaller players can probably fit in a medium or large flat rate box, and may be a little cheaper than parcel post, but we'll give you both costs and you can decide how you want them shipped.

We are not responsible for tape jams/failures. If you're buying a player, you need to make sure that your tapes have been tuned-up (new metallic splice/pad) first before playing them in your player. We sell all of the repair supplies you might need to do it yourself or we offer this service as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

*Warranty will be void if the player is opened after we've shipped it out. Not responsible for tape jams/failures.

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