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8-Track Repair Supplies

We're having some trouble with one of our suppliers so we're a little behind on the foam pads. Trying to get orders out as quickly as we can. Thanks!

If you're the sort who likes to repair his/her own tapes, we have what you need to do it! If we don't have something you're looking for, please let us know and we'll see what we can do about coming up with a solution!

Here are some unsolicited comments from some of our customers -

I currently use you repair supplies and I am very happy with them! I have repaired many tapes that play like new again! - R. Brenner, Elizabethtown, PA

...just gotta say a massive thanks, spent a couple evenings repairing tapes and had listening session today. I gotta fairly expensive valve based hi fi system and been playing 8 tracks through my Skandia RS-82. OMG the sound is amazing, forget your digital nonsense, this is real music, I'm in audio heaven. Will be ordering again soon. A. Moors, England

You know You are the BEST at making them.  And when I sell My tapes all over Planet Earth,  My Customers are so Happy to have Your Quality pads in Their favorite tapes. B. Mosqueda, IL

They are the best of the best! I have used other pads but these just kick ass. My tapes sound better replacing the other replacement pads that I have used. Yours seem to be right on spec to the original height and thickness for the best fidelity. I've attached a photo with your pads side by side with the other ones I was using. No comparison!  I'm sure the sound difference in the tapes is because of proper contact to the play head. I intend to replace all my tapes with your pads. M. Miuccio, NJ (This is a picture that Mr. Miuccio sent to us - again, unsolicited).

Kathy,   I just wanted to let you know how good i think your products are.  I have tried others and your sensing splices and pads are the best I have used. Thanks! Harry

Just wanted to say thank you!  I was able to restore 53 8-track tapes!  Your "Super Deluxe Kit" was excellent as were your supplies/products.  This was my first time attempting to restore 8-Tracks and your kit provided me with everything I needed.  Thanks Again!

Temporarily, a limit of 50 Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers - Foam Pads per order

Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ Foam Pads -

pad comparison

Don't be fooled by the other pads you may see out there for sale. Ours don't have to be cut, the back peeled off to put onto the old backings. Nothing to clean off. Just drop them in and you're back in business!

Win-Gib foam pads to revitalized those old tired, worn out pads! - Bag of 10 pads - $5.99 _ S/H, Bag of 25 pads - $13.99 + S/H, Bag of 50 pads - $25.99 + S/H

Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ For Metal Clip Pads -

Win-Gib metal clip pads to replace the worn out felt pads on tapes with metal clips (these are only the pads; not the metal clips). These are made just like they were back in the day! These pads have a self adhesive backing and can easily be applied. $3.49 + S/H per 12 (2 pair of each size), Assorted Pack - $12.99 + S/H per 50 (25 pair total of small, medium & large) or $13.99 + S/H per 50 (25 pairs) of the Revitalizer Clips in individual sizes (small, medium, or large).

The above are just the replacement felt pads for the metal clips. These are the actual metal clips with pads. These are used factory metal clips. Some, may still have the original pads on them, but work perfectly well. Many of the clips will have new felt replacement pads on them. A bag of 25 metal clips with pads is $15.99 + s/h.

Sensing Foil/Splicing Tape -

Sensing foil strips** - For those that don't need a whole roll of sensing foil, we're offering strips of sensing foil. Each strip has 17-18 metallic splices 3/16" wide (5/8"-3/4" in length). Three strips will fix 50 + tapes. - $2.50 + S/H or six strips will fix 100+ tapes. - $4.25 + S/H *If the 3/16" foil strips are unavailable, we may substitute an equal number of strips of a similar sensing foil.

10' - 7/32" or 1/4" metallic sensing foil** - If you don't have a lot of tapes, this might work better for you. It will still do a lot of tapes, but just not as many as the 50' rolls. - $5.49 + S/H

50' - 7/32", 1/4" or 3/16" sensing foil** - This will fix a lot of tapes!!! - $10.49 + S/H

sun If you have playtapes that needed repaired, we now have 1/8" metallic sensing foil and soon, 1/8" non-metallic splicing tape.

Splicing tape tabs - These are new old stock. There are 10 splices per strip and 5 strips ea. or 50 splices. - $2.99 + S/H *Out Of Stock

new10' of splicing 1/8" non-metallic tape** - Great for Playtapes or cassettes. The tape is clear. If you don't have a lot of tapes, this might work better for you. - $5.49 + S/H*

10' of splicing 7/32" non-metallic tape** - The tape is clear, but works just like the yellow or blue tape we sell. If you don't have a lot of tapes, this might work better for you. It will still do a lot of tapes, but just not as many as the 30', 50' or 82' rolls. - $5.49 + S/H

30' of splicing 7/32 " non-metallic tape** - The tape is clear, but works just like the yellow, blue or 10' roll of tape we sell.T his is the tape that us used on the back side of the cart to do repairs other than the metallic splices for track changes - $7.49 + S/H *OUT OF STOCK

50' of splicing 3/16" non-metallic tape** - The tape is yellow (non-translucent) This is the tape that is used on the back side of the cart to do repairs other than the metallic splices for track changes - $7.99 + S/H OUT OF STOCK

82' rolls of blue 1/4" ATR Pro Archive/Studio Splicing Tape** - This is also the tape used on the back side of cart to do repairs other than at the metallic splice. - $10.49 + S/H

*These tapes are a bit thicker than the 10' & 30' clear tapes.

Splicing Blocks -

Hard to find splicing blocks!

We have just had these manufactured. These were designed after the originals. We have small or large blocks. These have the self adhesive mounting strip like the sealed splicing blocks have. - Small - $24.99 + S/H - Large $34.99 + S/H.

Replacement Rollers -

The plastic rollers work great for the melted style rubber rollers (Ampex & Learjet) that tend to melt down!** - $1.50 ea. + S/H
**These don't work to replace all rubber rollers.

The plastic rollers aren't a replacement for the GRT carts. These use special GRT rollers. If we have them, they are $3 ea. + S/H

Swabs -

6" Single ended cotton swab on wooden sticks -

These are packaged in bags of 10 or 25. - 10 swabs for $1.00 + s/h or 25 swabs for $2 + s/h.

6" double ended cotton swabs on a stick! Use like the single ended swabs. Twice as good -

These are sold in bags of 10 or 25. - 10 double ended swabs $1.75 + s/h or 25 double ended swabs $3.

8-Track Repair Manual -

For those of you who are new to 8-tracking or would like to repair your own tapes, we have an 8-Track Repair Kit Manual. There are a few things that may have changed since this book was first produced, but for the most part it should help you get those old tapes going again. - $3.99 + s/h.

8-Track Repair Kits -

Hi Kathy, I received the kit and it's just great. Thank you! I look forward to continuing to support your business - B. Berry - Torrence,CA

I just wanted to let you know that the repair kit I purchased from you a while back has been put to great use! Everything in the kit is high quality, and has come in handy. I've repaired and reconditioned a bunch of tapes already. In particular, the foam pressure pads are outstanding. The fit and ease of use is the best - in many cases probably better than original! - C. Salerno - Clermont, FL

8-Track Fix-It Kit* -

If you don't have a lot of tapes to repair then this is the kit for you! This is a basic repair kit to help make those tapes sounding like brand new! $15.49 + s/h. See below for our other repair kits that have more repair items included.

Deluxe 8-Track Fix-It Kit* -

This kit is a little more deluxe than the kit above. It has a few more supplies but still geared more for the those who just do ocassional repairs. $25.49 + s/h. Save over 15% by buying the kit vs. individual supplies! See below for the more deluxe repair kit. *The manual mentions a splicing block, but this kit does not come with one. One can be purchased separately.

Super Deluxe 8-Track Fix-It Kit -

This repair kit has just about anything you'll need to fix those worn out tapes. The kit will repair a minimum of 25 tapes. $50.49 + s/h. Save nearly 25% by buying the kit vs. individual supplies!

*Repair manual references a splicing kit. The only kit that has the splicing block is the Super Deluxe Kit, but it can be purchased separately.
**We may subsitute tape if what is being ordered is unavailable.

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