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Splicing Blocks

Hard to find splicing blocks! - 3" $24.99 + S/H - 6" $34.99 + S/H - 8" $44.99 + S/H. **We have a few of splicing blocks that are not quite 3" (manuractures's oops!). They work just the same, but a little shorter (2 1/2") - $22.99 + S/H.**

We have just had these manufactured. These were designed after the originals. You can get them in 3," 6" or 8" blocks and have the self adhesive mounting strip like the sealed splicing blocks have. Although these are new, they may have some scratches or flaws on the blocks. They have been hand polish to help take out as many as possible. This in no way keeps the blocks from working just like the originals did back in the day.

new splicing blocks

6" EditAll Splicing Blocks

6" EditAll Professional Editing/Splicing System (description on the plastic case). These are used with minimal wear. Some may not have a case and may not be the EditAll brand. We will sell you whatever we have in stock. - $40 + S/H. SOLD

6" EditAll Splicing Block

3" Sealed Tape-editing Splicing Blocks

These are 3" sealed Tape-editing Splicing Blocks and include a self-adhesive mounting strip and single-edged cutting blade. - $30 + S/H

sealed splicing blocks

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