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8-Track Revitalizers™ for Metal Clip Pads

Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ Metal Clip Pads. We've had a lot of requests for the pad replacements on the metal clips. Well, now they're here!

These clip pads come in three sizes: large, medium, and small. They are made with a self adhesive foam backing and felt on top just like the original metal clip pads. 

  replacement felt pads

These are the replacement felt pads that go on the metal clip style of pads and not the metal clips themselves (we do sell those - see below).We're selling them three different ways.

NEW: For those who don't need 25 pairs of the replacement pads, we now sell them in a smaller quantity - 12 (2 pairs) of the three different sizes (4 of each size)- $3.49 + S/H

50 (25 pairs) of the three different sizes: 9 pairs of large pads and 8 each of the medium and small pads. - $12.99 + S/H

50 (25 pairs) of an idividual size - small, medium or large. - $13.99 + S/H

Some places will sell you strips of felt for replacement that you will have to cut to size, but these are already cut for you to the sizes you need.

These pads are easy to replace. If there is any of the old adhesive still on the metal clip, just remove it (usually just peels right off) and then peel and stick the new pads.

If you have any questions please email us.

new signThe above are just the replacement felt pads for the metal clips. These are the actual metal clips with pads. These are used factory metal clips. They will have their original pads on them, but work perfectly well. We will throw in a few of the felt pads in case any fall off. A bag of 25 metal clips with pads is $15.99 + s/h.

Be sure to check our Win-Gib 8-Track Revitalizers™ Foam Pads and other repair supplies and accessories for 8-tracks!
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