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8-Track Player Repair!!

Dan Jobin has done a wonderful job of player repairs for us in the past. He is a new dad and will be spending his time with this new venture. We wish him and his wife all the best!

Our Dan has also been doing some 8-track repairs, so if you're having a problem with your player let us know and we'll if we can't help you out. His rates are pretty reasonable. The basic bench test charge is $45* + s/h back to you.

$45 bench fee. This includes:


If there are any issues beyond this, we will contact you with an estimate for repairs.

All repairs come with a 30** day warranty. Not responsible for tape jams or tape failures. You need to make sure your tapes have been tuned-up (new metallic splice/pad) before playing them in any player.

If you are going to send us your player, please read the following information about packing your player for shipping to us. You can see pics of poorly wrapped players vs well packed players here.

We cannot over stress the importance of packaging your player(s) up well and putting insurance on the package. If you take it to a facility that does packing/shipping, make sure that they wrap your item with lots of packing. Use lots and lots of large bubble wrap and not peanuts or air cushion bags. If your player has knobs or switches on the front that might be damaged, add extra wrap around them. Roll up some bubble wrap and put it over them or put an egg carton lid over it and wrap with bubble wrap. Put enough bubble wrap that you can't see your player anymore. Usually, several layers of the large bubble wrap lengthwise and several layers widthwise will do it. You don't want any movement in the box. If you want to double box it (player still needs to be well packed with bubble wrap) that works too. If this is your pride and joy then treat it like it is! We can not be responsible if your item is damaged due to poor packaging.

We also have players up for sale that have had the basic tune-up done to them. Stock changes all the time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about player repair.


Note - The warranty will be voided if the player is opened by anyone other than us, after it has been returned to you.

*We don't clean your player except for the head mechanism. If more than one belt is required for you player, the first belt will be covered under the bench test charge of $40 and any additional belts will charged at our then current belt prices. Prices can differ depending on the rarety/size of the belt(s).

**The 30 days begins when you receive your player back. We put delivery confirmation on packages shipped so we have a record of when the player was delivered.

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