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Arcade Tapes & Arcade Player Repair

For those of you who have those cool old arcade machines that use an 8-track or 4-track player and you need a new tape or your player repaired, we can help you out!

We have quite a few of the arcade sound files so if you're needing a new tape check with us to see if we have.

Player repair starts at $60 + return s/h. We will replace the belt, clean the contacts and align the head on your player. If there are any issues beyond the normal servicing we will contact you to let you'd be looking at cost wise to repair your machine.

To have a new arcade tape made, we charge $30 for 8-track tapes and $40 for 4-track tapes. We have a lot of the sound files so check with us to see if we have the one you need.

If you have any questions, please email us.


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