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memorial day

Hope you moms had as good a Mother's Day as I did! We have 3 beautiful daughers and they take good care of their dear old mom and dad!

If you haven't already started on your spring cleaning, get to it! Who knows what you will find. Maybe that old 8-track player you had hidden up in the attic! Now that you've found it, get it dusted off and start ordering up some 8-tracks to play in it, or send in your old ones for a tune-up!

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This is Snickers. His is our oldest Corgi (12). He has DM or Degenerative Myelapothy (see more about it here). He loves to go for walks but the way he is now, we can't really do that anymore. That's why we need to get him a doggie wheelchair. There are probably some cheaper ones out there, but I want something that is good and will last. His sister, Daisy's (different dads, but same mom) dad had the gene for DM, so she could end up with it too. She'll be 8 this year so it could present any time. We're hoping that she won't get it, or if she does, that it'll be a few more years down the road.

Dan told me I need to sell at least 300 8-tracks to help pay for this thing. Sorry for the delay in getting the list up, but wanted to put a bunch of tapes up! We're adding a new list of tapes. This one is called "Way Back." We're taking the prices on this list "Way Back" to what they were when we first started this business - $.75 ea. Don't know how long we'll keep this list up so get the tapes while you can! These tapes have not been tested but there are not obvious broken tapes. If someone wants to buy them all to help Snickers out, we won't say no ; ) A new list is up so start checking it out until the next one goes up. Snickers thanks you!

UPDATE: We sold enough tapes and raised enough money to get Snickers his wheelchair cart! Here is Snickers in his new cart! We've posted a couple of videos on FB of him in it. You can see them if you search Kate's Track Shack.

. snickers in his new cart

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As a reminder, we require delivery confirmation on all US packages. Most International packages usually have some sort of tracking number. This is for your benefit as well as ours. Insurance is optional. We can't be responsible for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in shipping unless the package is insured. It is highly recommended on larger packages that might tend to get damaged in shipping. If your package is insured and something happens, we will be more than happy to work with you and the post office to rectify the situation.

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Up for sale a case of someone's personal collection of 4-track tapes! The inside of the red case says - "Ampak Deluxe No. 910 Cartridge Tape Case Kankakee, Illinois" This case looks like it's from the 60's. It's not the prettiest thing, but it is original and holds 10 4 track tapes. $30 + S/H - See the Tapes For Sale page for pics of the tapes/case.

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Just need to make a clarification on the tapes we sale. The tapes that we put on the list, unless otherwise stated (Tuned-up tapes), are tested to make sure that they play, but have not been tuned-up (new pads/splices). These tapes can be tuned-up before they ship for an additional $2 per tape. For those that like to do their own repairs, we also sell the repair supplies needed to to that. When you place your order for tapes, if you want the tapes tuned-up before they ship, please let us know. We try to ask, but sometimes we forget.

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We have gotten in some new repair supplies and will be selling them individually and also in kits. We will be changing up the kits a little bit and adding another kit. You can find out more about them here.

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Here is an interview we did recently with a local tv station. We've done several interviews with Mike Cassetelluci. He's a great guy! We had a lot of fun doing it. To see the video click here.

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Just a friendly reminder that we are mainly an internet business and don't have a physical storefront per say. We try to answer all emails as quickly as possible but if we don't, we promise we will! We may just be doing things with our family. Weekends are especially busy for us so don't abandon hope that we aren't getting back to you.

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Players For Sale

Don't forget to check out our players, they're going fast!

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Click here for info. on how to be notified when a new list or other info. is available.

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We have lots of accessories and repair supplies to keep those 8-tracks, 4-tracks, etc. going for a long time to come. If you don't like to repair your own tapes, we offer that service.

If your car has an 8-track player you need to have one of our cool license plate frames! You can see what they look like on our accessories page (down at the bottom of the page).

If you have any questions, please email us.

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If you are paying with PayPal, please make sure that the address you have on file with them is the correct address. If you've moved and haven't changed it or haven't given us your correct address, your package could be delayed. If it is sent back to us because of an incorrect address, there will be a charge for the return shipping from the post office as well as the original shipping costs.

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Just a reminder!
Each order must be paid for separately! Also, if you place an order for tapes and then decide you don't want them, please let us know so we can put them back on the list. There may be someone else wanting the tapes you don't want.

Thanks for your understanding!!!

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We will be glad to try and fill special orders or search for tapes for you, but there will be an additional charge added for this service. Also, please be patient as there are thousands of tapes to look through and we get tapes in all the time!


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Credit/Debit Cards

We now accept credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. Please see our ordering info. page for more information.

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Please see How To Order for further options.

***NEW*** You may now pay using Quick Pay through J.P. Morgan "Chase" Bank. Funds are sent electronically at no charge. You may pay this way whether you are a Chase customer or not.

Also, if you have a Wells Fargo or Bank of America account, you can pay directly as well.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Thanks again!!!!!!! Dan & Kathy

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make great gift for those hard to find for friends/loved ones. Who doesn't enjoy getting a gift anytime of the year!

Free Shipping on Gift Certificates $25 or more

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8-Track Repair Kits

For those who like to fix their own 8-track tapes, we offer several fix-it yourself kits.

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We're looking for 8 track molds (not the plastic shells, but molds used to make them) or other 8-track related equipment. If you have anything or know of anyone that does, please email us. Thanks!

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8tracks radio is a free player from Google Play, Apple's App Store and the Window Store. Whatever your music tastes, you can find it here. Click on the icon below to take go to their web page. Login or sign up and then do a search for k8track. When you get to our mix page, go down on the left side and click on the logo under "Mixes by k8track." Enjoy listening to some of the songs we enjoy on 8-track while you're browsing the web site. To go back to the web site, click on the "by k8track" (for some reason the link for Kate's Track Shack doesn't seem to work) in the bottom right corner. You can then see the web link at the top left. Let us know what you think.

Eight Track Stereo by Blue Boxen, LLC is a very cool player for the iPhone or iPad! It looks like an 8-track player and your music looks like an 8-track cart. I think it costs something like $4.99, but well worth it just for the cool factor! It's not available for Androids.


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