MDA Benefit


This year I was asked to help raise money for a very important organization - MDA. I've not been able to do it in the past, but this year I was. My goal was to raise $600 for the local Lock-Up. I did make my goal and raised enough to send one little girl to camp. All those who have participated in the Lock-Up have been given a few more weeks to raise a little bit more to help send more kids to camp or to provide other much needed services.

One of my customers graciously donated $ and a bunch of tapes that he wanted me to try and sell and have the proceeds go to MDA. We talked about it and I've said I would put up a page with the tapes and we would try to raise money this way.

I have 6 cases of 8 tracks! 3 of the cases hold 24 tapes, 2 hold 30 tapes and one holds 40 tapes. One of the cases that holds 30 tapes is in the box it came in and has an additional 11 tapes. These tapes vary in what they contain. Some are mostly country. Some are mostly rock/pop and some are a mixture of all genres. The cases range from very nice to okay.

I will give each case a lot number and list what it has in it. You email me with what you are willing to pay. The person with the highest offer on each lot (please make an offer on one case or all 6 cases!) will be notified and given payment instructions. We'll take payments via check, money order or through PayPal. We have two PayPal accounts set up - one for personal funds and one for credit/debit cards. Just let us know when you're paying which one you want to use. S/H will be $8 per lot. If you win more than one lot, we will try to combine shipping. We will take offers until Sunday, Sept. 2. We will contact the high bidders on Tuesday, Sept. 4. We will need payment as soon as possible to get it to the benefit.

Please email us if you have any questions! You can also go on-line to MDA Lock-Up website that MDA has setup for me to raise money. You can make a donation there as well.

Remember this is for a worthy cause so make you offers accordingly. Thanks for all your help!!!!


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